Fix Your Face (Outlook)

Today, while I was sitting in the laundromat gazing out the window, I began to hear Holy Spirit speaking within me. This is what He said. All human beings have the capacity to be fickle. But not all human beings are fickle. There are some that walk in My spirit and My love that will be there when they are needed and when they are not. Many times, people will speak out of their painful experiences what they’ve encountered with people and allow that to become their truth. The truth is that experiences lie. They play a role in every life, but they are not the truth. People can not rely on what they have seen. Because of many people’s expectations they do not receive what they desire. They only receive what they have put their faith in. Expectation is faith. If there is an expectation for something whether good or bad, it will happen.  I sat there and thought about this. I can honestly say that this is indeed true. Many negative things have manifested in my own life because I expected it to. Some things haven’t happened yet because I battle within my own mind if I’m good enough for it to happen. Earlier this week, Holy Spirit ministered to me about knowing when to be quiet and knowing when to speak about certain things. Then later I heard a message about the same thing that Holy Spirit ministered to me about, as well as, what to do when you have a wounded spirit.  I’m learning that just because traumatic or hurtful things have happened, that doesn’t mean that anyone should let it define them. Many times, we as Christians have done this and we try to ignore it because it’s painful to deal with. But true healing hurts. If we don’t allow ourselves to go through our healing processes, there are demons assigned to keep us bound. We will be going to church, but bound. Going to conferences, taking notes, but bound. Praying, but bound. Worshipping, but bound. I just know that this whole week has really opened my eyes to myself. How I deal with things, and how I let things affect me.  At the end of the day, it’s not about other people, it’s about dealing with our ownselves and having a come to Jesus meeting.