Elevation and Transition Is Not For The Lazy

Elevation and transition is not for the lazy. This is what I heard in my spirit when I was at work during my first break.  We all love to hear that God has us in transition and that He wants to elevate us. But we have to ask ourselves what exactly are we doing so we can gain access to the transition and elevation? How many times are we going to hear a great word at church, or go to conferences and events, or even speak declarations over ourselves for a little while, but not launch out into the deep? I’m guilty of this. Actually, I’m very guilty. You can know that God has things for you to do and not do anything about it. You can say what you’re gonna do, but end up lying because there is nothing different that you’ve done. You can get books and read them. You can take notes also, but without implementation you will make no progress. The Lord has allowed me to write 3 books, but I know there are more that He wants me to write. Have I been writing? Nope. Why? Because sometimes I find myself saying what’s the point? I don’t even market myself because I really don’t know how. I find myself at times acting as that same young girl I use to be that was told I can’t do this or that. That I’m not good enough. Even though I will be 40 this year.  I don’t want to be a product of my environment or the product of how others don’t see me. It was hard for me to write the books that I have because I was being processed as I was writing by God. I didn’t sit down and say, today I will write a book. But through a particular process that God saw fit for me at that time is what caused me to write. He even nudged me when it was time for me to finish. I also know there’s other things He desires for me to do. Unfortunately, I have been dragging my feet for a while. I’ve also been a little too focused on what I don’t have and how everything isn’t the way I would like in my life. Even though I get compliments from others, I still struggle at times with that little girl I use to be. But today, something is different. No, I didn’t hear a fiery message that had me to look within myself. I was just sitting by myself in the break room with other employees and heard in my spirit, Elevation and transition is not for the lazy. I’ve had dreams and have even been prophesied to about elevation and transition in my life.  But if I’m a lazy recipient of what God has shown me bits and pieces of, as well as vessels He has used to proclaim over my life, I have no one to blame but myself. Nothing is going to change if I continue doing nothing. Doesn’t matter how much word I read, how much I pray, or speak verbal declarations. Faith without corresponding action is dead.