Worship is Necessary

One thing that the Lord has taught me is the importance of worshiping Him privately and publicly. When we worship the Lord not only does the enemy flee, but the Lord literally comes in our situation. For the word tells us He inhabits the praises of His people. ¬†But worship is a choice. Worship is purposeful. You have to get beyond what spectators will say and worship the Lord unashamedly. We must get desperate for the Lord. I remember recently when the Lord told me He is looking for people with the spirit of Bartimaeus. People that don’t care who is watching. People that don’t care if they are being talked about. People so focused on Him because they are so desperate and they don’t care who sees their brokenness. In order to worship the Lord, a person MUST become vulnerable. I remember some years ago when I was going through heavy things in my life. That is when the Lord opened me up and I would start praising Him loudly. I was talked about. I overheard others saying it don’t take all that and I didn’t have to yell at God. But I was desperate for Him. Even when I would dance before Him, people joked on how I looked. But I didn’t care. I needed Him in my situation to move. I was broken, but I loved Him despite what I was going through. He turned ¬†things around. I began praising Him even more. Many times when I’m home I will praise and worship Him. I will scream, cry, dance, or lay prostrate on the floor. See, the Lord wants us to show Him how much He means to us. For me, it’s not about getting things, but I want His presence. When I feel alone, I desire His presence. When I feel I don’t matter, I need His presence. Yes, I’m grateful when He brings me out of situations and bestows blessings. But that’s not why I praise Him like I do. He is so deserving and the truth is we all owe Him. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!