The Lord Is Seeking Those with the Spirit of Bartimaeus

Yesterday I was at work, and the Lord began to speak to my spirit. He asked me did I remember the third Sunday in July  when the praise team sung the song, All Glory, All Honor by Ron Kenoly and how I was on the altar crying out to Him. I immediately saw that day in my mind. I remember what I had on. I remembered how I got on that altar, something I hadn’t done in a long time and I cried out to Him. I yelled His name out loud several times. Jesus! My face was so full of tears because in that moment of worship all I wanted was Him. I didn’t care about how I looked to anybody.  I then heard, I am seeking those with the Bartimaeus spirit. Those who will cry out to Me because they need me and to show surrender. I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget. Then I went home and read about Bartimaeus.  In Mark 10:46-52, It mentions how he was on the roadside in Jericho. Jesus and his disciples were passing by with a crowd. When he heard that Jesus was passing by he began to cry out , Jesus, Son of David have mercy on me! The people around him told him to  be quiet.  He continued crying out to Jesus. Jesus stopped and told someone  to call him. So Bartimaeus  came to Jesus and Jesus asked , What can I do for you? Bartimaeus replied, Lord that I may receive my sight. Then Jesus said, Go your way, your faith has made you whole. One thing that I noticed is that Bartimaeus revealed a secret. He was in need of the Lord and He even went as far to publicly cry out to the Lord. Not out of emotion, but out of surrender. I’m pretty sure he was tired of begging day in and day out and not being able to see. He knew that Jesus was the only One that could help him. So by faith and humility he cried out to the Lord. He didn’t care about being embarrassed. He didn’t care about the crowd of people telling him to be quiet. The Lord is seeking for such now. He wants us to get His attention. He wants us to forget about how we will look in front of people.  He wants us to realize that He is the only One that can bring us what we need. He wants us to be desperate for Him. This takes faith and humility.