Your Path Will be Different

In life, I’ve learned that everybody’s path will be different. Two people can enter school at the same time, study the same material and graduate, but their paths can be the complete opposite.  Children can be raised by the same parents and have different personalities.  Because we each are unique, even if we were to follow the same route someone else has traveled, we won’t have the same journey as they did.  When God created us, He had a specific plan in mind and certain steps to allow us to fulfill His plan. We were never made to be a common copy of anyone else. Therefore we will never have the exact same thing that someone else may have. Neither should we desire if, for it won’t be our own personal fit. Just like Cinderella with the glass slipper, no one could fit that slipper but her.  So we have to embrace this simple truth,  that no one’s path is alike. God never intended for it to be.