Silence Can Hurt

There are times when silence can hurt.  How so? Silence can hurt when you care about someone but they aren’t willing to give you any answers to your questions of concern. You know that they are hurting. You can see it in their eyes.  But yet they would rather pretend that everything is ok, than to be honest. Grant it, it’s not wise to say everything that comes to your mind. But it’s also not good to hold things in either. In all types of relationships there must be communication and there must be honesty. There are many people that are burdened down with deep rooted things but yet they won’t admit it. They either feel that no one cares or they have to man up or woman up and keep it moving. That is not healthy at all. Keeping things inside, stifles who you really are. There is no room to express yourself and facades don’t bring healing.  Eventually, you’re going to get tired of hiding and pretending. You’re going to start building resentment within your heart because you feel that you aren’t free to be yourself. Vulnerability and transparency can be a beautiful thing when  you’re opening yourself up to someone who truly cares about you.  Some people may say, I don’t have anybody. But I believe that the Lord does have somebody for you to turn to. Even if you aren’t aware of them at this very moment, then open yourself up to Him. The great thing about opening ourselves up is that there is a release. There is a relief.  Sometimes the hardest person to be honest with is ourselves. Maybe you have encountered a lot of disappointment and rejection from people and it’s to the point that you believe that it’s best to keep it to yourself. No man or woman is an island.  Solitude is healthy but long term isolation can be detrimental. Also, if you’re holding offenses in because of other people then how can you have a healthy relationship with anyone else? There is freedom in getting things out in the open, talking about it and forgiving. Even if you and that person no longer talk, you have a responsibility to yourself to receive the healing you need. Don’t spend your life focusing on who has hurt you, and who has done this and that and when they have done it. The reality is, that we all have been the recipient and the perpetrator when it comes to hurt.  Do yourself a favor. Don’t hide behind silence.