Do I Have To Be Pretty?

Do I have to be pretty? Or is it enough just being me? Not against physical makeup but I want to know, can my spiritual makeup be enough for this society? Can I draw you to my inner even though I have blemishes on my face? No lipstick, concealer, foundation, eye shadow, or liner. Does my plain face bore you? Is it possible to gain attention, or get a second look or do I escape your view? Do I have to be pretty? I know to you it seems silly, but after years of trying, there’s no denying that being pretty isn’t enough. It’s not enough to get you loved for the soul within.  It’s not enough for people to stay or to be your friend. Pretty doesn’t hide wounded spirits, broken hearts, or whatever you may be fearing. Can being pretty be a mask? Yes it can be. If you allow being pretty to keep you from the beauty of transparency.  Do I have to be pretty? Pretty is more than the external. Much more than the outer. But the world says you have to be pretty or you don’t matter. We are told to compete. We are told to outshine our sister. We are told that being pretty can get you everything you want, success, money, and a mister. But isn’t life much more than just having a pretty face? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but society has become our controller. Telling us if we don’t look a certain way we are nothing.  But the Lord above has His say in this, so let me tell you something. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Every component and part of us.  The cells, the axons, our hippocampus and brain, our intellect, personality whatever we can name. It’s our totality that makes us beautiful. No matter the color, size, height or shape. So do I have to be pretty? I already am. But society’s views we all must be willing to escape.