Unforgiveness: The offense that isn’t worth the expense

Today, for some reason I had forgiveness on my mind. It’s ironic how we as human beings want to be forgiven when we are the offender. But when we are the recipient of an offense, we want to hold grudges. We want to plead our case and show how wrong that person was and how right we were. We want to talk about how we have been  hurt so much and all we do is give and give. (Scratches record). Whether we want to admit it or not, we have all been the offended and the offender. We have all played both roles. To those who say they haven’t. I’m going to put you on my prayer list so the Lord can  remove that lying spirit that is on you. One thing that bothers me is when people throw others away over the smallest little things. In my head, I’m like , Umm, haven’t you ever messed up?  That wasn’t even that serious. Why does it seem that there are some people that can forgive much and others that if you look at them wrong they are ready to cut you off.   I know people love to say forgive and forget, but truth be told a lot of times people don’t truly forgive, they put it in their subconscious thoughts and bury it.  Then when something happens that triggers it they have a flashback and feel everything all over again. Um, honey you ain’t delivered! You’re still holding on! You may have thought you forgave but what you did was bury it, but it wasn’t dead. It’s comes back to haunt you over and over. You pretend you’re ok, but it’s still there. You go to church. You dance and shout, but it’s still there. You pray in tongues but  it’s still there. You try to stay busy, but it’s still there! Can I tell you a secret? It’s still there because you didn’t go to God and ask for help to forgive. Jesus said, Without Me, you can do nothing, and forgiveness is included.  This isn’t about being super spiritual. It’s just the truth. We can’t do anything without the Lord. If we can’t wake up to see a new day without Him then what makes us think we can forgive without His help?  There are so many people walking around that are wounded. They keep placing the blame on others, but they refuse to deal with themselves. A lot of these health conditions like cancer, stroke,  heart attacks,  backaches, headaches, low immune systems come from unforgiveness. Google it if you don’t believe me. Because when you refuse to release what has been done to you, it is internalized and starts attacking your organs and your overall health.  Also, once you ask the Lord to help you to forgive, please understand that it may not happen overnight. You may have to go through a  process until you  are actually  healed of your unforgiveness. But my question is, don’t you think it’s worth it? Do you want to keep perpetrating like you are all good but when you’re alone you are wrestling with self-esteem issues and struggling in your friendships and relationships. The thing is it’s not everybody else. It’s you because you won’t allow God to deal with you so He can heal you. I hope this gives someone insight on today. We have to get ourselves in order before we can look for someone else to be.

2 thoughts on “Unforgiveness: The offense that isn’t worth the expense

  1. Unforgiveness really is a disease that eats up who ever holds it. As they say about it: “it’s like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.”
    Good Word!

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