Misunderstood by people but understood by God

Yes, I’m different. I think differently than most. A lot of times many misunderstand my smiles, laughter and youthful appearance as naivety or immaturity. Whatever I feel shows up on my face. I’m a very open person.  Some think of this as being too touchy or I reveal too much.  I’m very affectionate. I love honesty. But I’ve learned that my version of honesty is different from other ppl’s. A lot of ppl feel that if they don’t ask, then why tell? I’m the opposite. I tell even if no one asks. This depends on how must trust I have with a person. I have trusted many and have been disappointed a lot. But for some reason I haven’t stopped believing that there are some other genuine ppl in the world. Sometimes I say things that ppl mistake as meaning something else, but that wasn’t necessarily the case. My thoughts are if you want to know what I meant then ask me. Many times that doesn’t happen. Most of the time it’s insinuated what I meant. I’m friendly but I don’t have a lot of friends. Most of the time, I’m by myself.  Just observing, speaking to ppl that cross my path, or seeing how I can help someone.  I don’t like a lot of noise. I don’t like for ppl to talk to me in a condescending tone. But what bothers me the most is when ppl that are suppose to know me, don’t. I know many say why do you care what ppl think? It’s not that I care so much what ppl think, but it saddens me that sometimes being me who I truly am will never be enough for some ppl. But I’ve learned that even though I’m misunderstood by most ppl. I’m understand by God. Why? Because He created me.