The Lord Demands and Expects

Just a thought: The Lord demands obedience and holiness. The Lord expects productivity. It is not an option. Why should we expect Him to bless us if we choose not to do what He asks? Many ppl get the goodness of God confused with the blessings of God. Some think that just because they have a few trinkets, clothes and other things that everything is all good. God is a good God. He is also merciful. But please don’t get it twisted. He still has a high standard for all of us that name the name of Christ. Half-stepping isn’t going to work anymore and we all are about to see that. Either we are going to be all the way in when it comes to living for Him or we are not. Just remember that everyone that says Lord, Lord isn’t going to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We must have a relationship with Him for ourselves so we can know, love, serve and live for Him alone. Accountability is real and grace alone doesn’t have you covered. You must do what He asks. You must position yourself to hear Him for yourself. We should take heed to do this now, and also repent because when we stand before the Lord we will have no excuse.