Single Christian Woman’s Dilemma

It would be too easy to give into those feelings, the appetite of lust, to indulge in sexual healing. But what I want is to be accepted for who I am. To be seen as enough.

That I’m worthy of a wedding ring. That I’m worthy of love. But yet society tells me I’m a dime a dozen. But yet I know I’m priceless.

Those dudes weren’t trying to get to know me, but they wanted to make it mandatory for them to explore my body.  I know my body’s not my own.

But they believe Hey we can do what we want. We’re both grown. Yes, we’re both grown,  but it’s not worth me giving in, just for you to end up gone.

I’ve heard it all before. Oh, you act like you’re perfect. You’re too uptight. My response, Leave, because doing wrong will never be right.

So many eyes and minds are blinded to lust that some can’t even tell the difference between those who give in, and those who don’t. Like us.

Trying to sell me a dream when we both know you’re only after one thing. Trying to snag me with some scriptures when you don’t even see the big picture.

I wonder why these type of guys can’t just find someone like them. Someone willing to give them what they want with no questions. Instead of trying to play mind games with me, so that I won’t see that I’m really a blessing.

I’m a hidden treasure to someone. You say I’m not worth the wait. You can find someone prettier and better. My response, You’re free to do so. Go get her. If that’s what you want then I’m not what you need. Because I’m not trying to be your baby mama. So no, don’t waste your time trying to woo me with a movie or a dinner. I guess you have to be one of us to understand the Single Christian woman’s dilemma.

Monica, God’s Humble Voice, Certified HIScoach™

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