Message from God to the Unsaved, Backslidden and Saved

This message is for the unsaved, the backslidden, and the saved.

You are on borrowed time. Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived and believe that you have plenty of time to come to Me and do what I have called you to do because you don’t.

To the unsaved: Jesus died for all and you are no exception. Don’t end up in hell because you’re looking at the people in the church. Don’t end up in hell because you say to yourselves I will get saved one day or before I die. No one knows when their soul shall be required of them. I hear you when you say I don’t want to play with God.  I’m not ready. But yet you play with the devil that’s out to kill, steal, and destroy you, This is a warning. The devil is snatching souls but this is what you must do. Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead and you shall be saved. Believe in the finished work on the Cross  and that My Son bled and died to cleanse you of your sins. He did it for you.  The devil is plotting to kill you, but I have some of My children praying that your blinded eyes be opened. I have a purpose and plan for your life. You aren’t here by accident. I want a relationship with you because I love you. I don’t want to just be your Creator but I want to be your Father. I am calling you into a relationship with Me, but you must choose to let Me in.

To the backslidden: I’m married to you. You left Me because you felt you messed up too many times. and you can’t live this Christian life. You’re right. No one can, that’s why I gave you  My word, the Holy Ghost, and pastors after My own heart to teach you. I know you’re not happy where you are. You have let the guilt and shame of your sins separate us. Come back to Me.  I love you. Return to Me and I will return unto you. Let’s start our relationship over. Don’t believe that you aren’t My child  anymore and that I won’t forgive you because I will. But you have to Come to Me because the enemy is plotting schemes that will cause you to die in your sins so that he can torment you in hell. Repent My child for I am calling you.

To the saved: I do love you, but you are not fully obeying Me. You have not fully committed and submitted your life to Me. I didn’t call you to stay behind the four walls of a church building. I called you to go to all the world to tell the lost about what My Son did on the Cross and to make disciples. I called you to tell the world of My wondrous works.  I called you to pray without ceasing. I called you to be a blessing and not just ask Me for blessings. I called you into relationship with Me. You have already received salvation, but it doesn’t stop there. To much is given, much is required. I’m calling you to deeper depths and higher heights in Me. I gave you the Holy Ghost to live holy and to do  the work that Jesus and the apostles did. I didn’t give you the Holy Ghost just to jump and shout, speak in tongues and to fall out under the Spirit. I am coming back for a church without spot, blemish, or wrinkle. You are the church. I am raising up My remnant. Those who will obey Me wholeheartedly. Those who are willing to go where I tell them to go. Do what I tell them to do and say what I tell them to say. Repent! For I am calling you.

Monica, God’s Humble Voice, Certified HIScoach