I am Your Husband

The Spirit of the Lord is saying to the Body of Christ, I am Your Husband. I have been Faithful and True because that is My namesake. But you My Bride have not been faithful and true.  I call you, but you do not answer Me. I wait for you, but you don’t show up. You say you love Me, but your actions don’t line up. I watch you as you flirt with the world. You have let the world seduce you and have become its lover. You are so entangled that I hardly recognize you. You have committed adultery. Your soul is tied to the world, it is no longer tied to Me. You have left Me, but I am calling you to return unto Me and I shall return unto You. I am jealous and I have every right to be. You were mine. But something changed and now you want all that the world has to offer. The truth is the world can offer you nothing but a place in hell. I created you for My pleasure. Everything that I have is yours. There is no falsity in My love for you. It is as pure as the rain that falls from the sky. Repent My love, for soon I shall destroy this world. It doesn’t acknowledge, love,or respect Me.  It constantly says I ‘m not real and that I don’t care. That I am an unjust God that allows evil to happen, when it is those whom I have created that allows this to happen. They have given their authority over to satan and many of them worship him. Come out from among them and be ye separate My Bride. I love you. Come to Me and I will cleanse you. Though your sins be like scarlet I shall make them white as snow. I want us to be reconciled My love. Repent and let’s start anew. There are so many things that are happening that I want to tell you. But I can’t as long as you are involved with the world. I have things that I want you to do for Me. Are you not my helpmate? Help My will be done upon the Earth. Then when all is done I shall come for you and we will be together forever.

Monica, God’s Humble Voice, Certified HIScoach