Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

The Spirit of the Lord is saying, Don’t get caught unprepared. ┬áDon’t get so lax that you are more focused on your daily routine, and life happening to you that you get comfortable and live as if I’m not going to return. For I have said in My word Be ye also ready. Be sober, be vigilant, and to walk circumspectly. I know that you are easily distracted, but you must know that when you received Me as Your Savior, you relinquished all rights to do as you please. You relinquished all rights to say what you want to say. I am giving you orders, and as Your Lord you must obey them. I have given you grace for the times you fall short, but know that you will be re-tested until you are flat-footed in obedience to Me. Many say they know that they must obey Me in order to get what I have for them, but many don’t want to do it step by step as I tell them. They want to take shortcuts. They want to do everything themselves. They think they know a better way. But then when their plans fail, they come to Me crying and begging for My help. You must get past this trivial phase of yours. If not the enemy will continue to wreak havoc in your life. ┬áThere will be even more tragedies that will come upon the Earth. There will be famines and there will be lack. But when you decide to obey Me I will make sure that you will have all the provision you need until I return. Yes, you will suffer. Yes you will be persecuted by the hands of man. But this is a light affliction that will help you to produce fruit, and help you realize that I know the way because I am the Way.

Monica, God’s Humble Voice, Certified HIScoach

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